Telehealth: Convenient, Secure & HIPAA Compliant

The Telehealth Practice at Positive Perspectives Counseling Center offers the opportunity to seek mental health care from the comfort of your home, your office, or anywhere in Ohio you have good Wifi and complete privacy.

Our Telehealth Practitioners offer both in-person and online care and can work with you to design a treatment program that will work best for your unique circumstances.

Telehealth can be an ideal choice for a number of clients and issues – please read on for more information about this important advancement in the treatment of mental health!

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Privacy is of the utmost importance to both Positive Perspectives and our clients. We use the platform, which is completely HIPAA-compliant, as opposed to Zoom, which is not.

Additional security measures such as using headphones and closing the door to the room where you are during the session will help to assure your privacy.

For articles and research about the efficacy of Telemental Health, see the Telemental Health section on our Services & Links page.

Tele-Mental Health Pre-Session Checklist

Below is a list of issues to consider before starting your video session today:

  • If it is your first session, your counselor will ask you to identify yourself with a PHOTO ID and where you are located.
  • Do a bit of room preparation before getting started. Do you have tissues nearby? Have your phones been unplugged/ringers turned off? If you are using an app to do online EMDR, do you have your phone set to Do Not Disturb in your settings? If you live with other people, is there a sign that indicates the room is occupied on the door? Do you have a clock visible to keep track of your time?
  • Conduct a quick audio and visual assessment and make adjustments as necessary (e.g., are your window blinds causing a glare? Is there something interfering with the microphone? Is someone vacuuming in the next room?) It is helpful to know where your camera is placed on your device and place it so your eyes are right across from it.
  • Please let your counselor know if anyone is in the room with you, or unexpectedly comes in. If you are in an unsafe situation and someone has entered the room, please choose a word which will signal this to your counselor IMMEDIATELY, even if it is out of context.
  • Are you expecting any interruptions to your session? Please attempt to remove any disruptions to the flow of the session and if impossible, let your counselor know if you expect guests, delivery people, repair people, etc. PLEASE TURN YOUR CELLPHONE COMPLETELY OFF FOR THE HOUR OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  • If relevant, where are your children and is there provision for their care while you are in session?
  • Do your clothes reflect that you are ready to have a professional encounter? Please only choose clothes that you would wear if you were attending a session in person.
  • ARE YOU STATIONARY AND COMFORTABLE? It is very distracting and sometimes disorienting to have a session while you are moving. Please choose a comfortable space and stay put during session if at all possible.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!
  • If you are having technical issues, contact

Please know that your session WILL NEVER be recorded by your counselor nor, and you must never record your session unless you have received permission to do so.

Videoconferencing affords you all the same levels of confidentiality and professionalism that you would experience with in-person work. You will also experience the same level of clinical excellence you have come to expect from PPInc., whether you choose in-person or telehealth treatment.

Our Telehealth Practitioners

Cheryl Levine, tele-mental health practitioner Level 3 Certification badge for Dr. Cheryl Levine

Cheryl Levine, Psy.D.

Read Cheryl’s bio on the Our Team page

Cheryl achieved Level III Certification with’s training program. This training is evidence-based, up-to-date, and pinned to published telehealth competencies advanced by the Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS). offers training that is 100% compliant with published CTiBS competencies requirements, which are the most highly researched and published anywhere in the world. Cheryl is a Level III Board Certified Telehealth Professional; at this level provides over 60 credit hours of certification training.

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Kenneth Drude, tele-mental health practitioner
Ken Drude is certified by The Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science

Kenneth P. Drude, Ph.D.

Read Ken’s bio on the Our Team page

Ken received his Telehealth training through The Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS). Their Telehealth initiatives include founding, publishing and disseminating the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science (JTiBS), a journal dedicated to the timely publication of research related to technology and human behavior, and research, development and dissemination of interprofessional telebehavioral competencies for behavioral health professionals to define and ensure best practices. Since 2002, Ken has had 197 hours of continuing credit hours for telehealth; he has authored or coauthored 30 articles as well as a book; he has also edited a book about telehealth.

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Eileen Potter, tele-mental health practitioner
Telemental health badge

Eileen Potter, LPCC, IMFT-S

Read Eileen’s bio on the Our Team page

Eileen has earned her Telehealth certification from Person Centered Tech. PCT’s Telemental Health Program uses real-world practice scenarios to focus training efforts where they will make the most difference. Unlike other compliance firms, they are also therapists who know the work involved to fit quality mental health care into the medical service model.  The PCT Way is a robust system that ensures consumers needs are met in a clinically effective, low-cost, and reliably HIPAA-compliant manner. Eileen has gained 17 Continuing Credit Hours through the Person Centered Tech Teletherapy Certification Program.

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Telehealth certification badge

Susan Fiegl, MSW, LSW, LICDC

Read Susan’s bio on the Our Team page

Susan received her telehealth certification from The Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC. Raymond Barrett created the Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC (TCI) in 2014 to provide telehealth and telemental health providers with the ethical, legal, technological, and clinical framework for conducting telehealth sessions effectively. Through TCI’s online CE marketplace of over 180 courses, Susan is one of over 40,000 providers whom have been trained. TCI’s strong reputation has been molded by its consultees, their healthcare and education networks, and thousands of satisfied alumni. Susan’s Telemental Health Training Certificate Program through the Telehealth Certification Institute has provided her 15.5 credit hours.

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